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  1. I did pass, for the same price I found an es 390 antique red 2013 at Long and McQuad. Not exactly the same gig but something on my list as well. thanks for your advices !
  2. Thank you, I case it might be of help to someone else, I've also ask my luthier, and here is his feedback : " Given the location of the crack near both studs it's probable that the wood cracked but it's hard to tell. According to me, the insturment is structuraly fine, since there's a center block on this model I'd be very surprised that you need to glue. I could do some touch up and repair for 100$, but honnestly I'd recommend leaving it as is and negociating the price a bit. I case you were to sell it back then you could bring it to me to get it cleaned." Take care !
  3. Thank you guys, my bad about the price I forgot to mention it’s Canadian dollars, so the price is more 1680$US, which seems much more In the price range. Also is it normal that the strings are installed backwards on the tail piece ? thanks !
  4. Hi, I've got my eyses on a ES-339 2011 Custom Shop. When asked, the seller told me that there are two small cracks in the finish near the studs (see pictures below). I'm wondering, how to check if it's just the nitro finish cracking or if it's the wood and if it might indicate some potential major problem ? I've read a lot of posts on this forum on finish cracking, but none of them around studs. And as studs are fitted tight, there's strain on the wood and I was wondering if it could lead the wood tto crack PS : in case it would be relevant, the vendor is asking 2400$, which according to my reasearch seems in the market and not suspiciously low. Thank you for your expertise and for your time !
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