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  1. Thanks much for your insights! By the way, the blurred faint number on the heel appears to be 382.
  2. Hi - I'm back again regarding my Country & Western with no serial number. I'm having structural repairs done and ink stamped numbers were discovered when the neck was taken off. Does anyone know if these provide a clue as to the year the guitar was manufactured? Thanks.
  3. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. The nut is the 1-11/16" width so that puts it in the fifties - very helpful. You're right about the tuners - many years ago I replaced the originals because couple of them were failing. And there is indeed a jack hole on the treble side. There are cracks on the back and structural issues inside the body, but I am certainly leaning toward restoring it. Do you know if Gibson made this model without a serial number - maybe an early production run?
  4. That's right, No mark there and no notation on the hand-cut label. It is very unlikely that the serial number was taken off by anyone. I've had the guitar since 1965 and bought it from someone who'd been using it in a C&W band.
  5. I'm considering spending a lot of money restoring my old Country and Western. It would help if I knew the year of manufacture, but the guitar has no serial number. I do know it was made between 1956 and 1962. Does anyone have any information or insights? Thanks!
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