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  1. @Sgt Pepper@'Scales LOL for the drunk comments. This could be a new thread. What are the favourite drunken places you have been with or without your Gibson guitars! 🤠
  2. Thanks Mate! Olangapo is not as it used to be though there are still remnants of its historic past especially with the Naval Bases. I was there passing by attending a Conference over a year ago. Talking about the Gibson J15 WB, please see link here of Passenger, playing Restless Wind on a J15. Absolutely love its Clarity and its beautiful Gibson sound. Everytime I play it, it truly moves me. Mabuhay!!!!
  3. Thank you @tx-ogre for the kind welcome. Having owned my very first Acoustic Ibanez AEF28CS for USD 100.00 and then as my skills improved over the years, have owned other guitars from Taylor (714CE X brace) Lutz, and a Martin (D35). My journey has taken me to the world of Gibson Acoustics. I am really loving the Walnut Tone and the "Woody" Feel of the guitar. I just love this J15 and surprised to find out how accessible the price point (though its not really the main consideration). The Value Equation for this is just amazing. 🙂
  4. Hello Folks I am new to the Forum and from Melbourne Australia, and originally the Philippines. I am a proud owner of my very first Gibson Instrument, J15 in WB. Stay safe!
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