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  1. Hello everyone, I just can't find any information about a Gibson guitar I want to by (2nd hand). It would be much better if I was able to show some pictures, but I just don't manage this on this forum. It's all about a Gibson Studio or LPJ (I think), 2013 Gold. It has yellow-white plastic tuners, a pickguard (most LPJ's don't have one), black uncovered humbuckers that both show the 12 magnetic poles and what wonders me the most: only Gibson on the headstock; nothing on the trusrod-cover. Trapese-inlays on the neck. Does anyone have some idea? Kindly regards, Frans
  2. Hoi allemaal, ik krijg het maar niet gevonden en het zou uiteraard beter zijn als ik foto's kon plaatsen van de 2e hands gitaar die ik wil kopen, maar het lukt me niet om deze foto's er op te krijgen. Het gaat om 'n Gibson Studio of LPJ (denk ik), 2013 Gold. Deze heeft roomwitte plastic tuners, 'n pickguard (meeste LPJ's hebben dat niet), zwarte onbedekte humbuckers waarvan je de magneetjes ziet zitten (2 rijen van 6 onder elkaar) en wat me vooral opvalt: alleen maar Gibson op de headstock; er staat niets op het plaatje dat de trusrod-schroef bedekt. Trapeze-inlays op de toets. Heeft iemand enig idee? Groetjes en alvast bedankt, Frans
  3. Hi everyone, last week I bought a SG 2011 and discovered that the bridge was not genuine. I took it off and at the bottom it said: Tronical; I unscrewed the bottom and I saw all kinds of coloured wiring that obviously went into the (previous) guitar. Not being able to turn this bridge lower, (never hurt of the name, by the way), I'm now looking for a genuine bridge. Just a genuine Gibson sg bridge, not the most expensive one. Do I, by ordering, have to measure the screwholes or are they alle the same? Does anybody know where I can buy such a bridge? Kindly regards, Frans
  4. Hi everyone, I'm planning to buy a Studio 2005 from the internet. This guitar has strange signs of moisture sensitiveness and that was an issue in that time (the seller told me so). I see stripes of finish that came off, on body and headstock. Does anybody know about this problem and does it make, to your opinion, the guitar very less worthfull? Best regards, Frans
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