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  1. I still probably will do that... but if they exchange it and thr guitar was stored inccorectly... what will the next be like.?
  2. You seem to be correct. Today the action is at 2mm... so it doubled overnight. I left the guitar in a room that I lightly humidified overnight. My concern though is that if the guitar was not stored correctly all this time, could there be permanent damage or does the wood just go back in its place and all is dandy? I tried placing a steel straight edge on the top parallel to the neck going from the neck to the bridge... it looks like there is a dip where the bridge is. Should it be straight?
  3. That is exactly what seems like is happening to me except when I compare my Martin D28 saddle, it seems the same height from the bridge. Around 2 - 3mm. This made me doubt that it was the saddle. Then I found an article by Taylor guitars about what happens when a guitar becomes dry 1. The top sinks in 2 there is more bow in the neck 3 there can be a bulge in the 14 th fret All these things are on this new Gibson except I am not sure about the 14th fret bulging. It looks like it could be a bit. When you say the saddle was too low and neck relief was compensated... by who? By whoever sold it to you? That would make only the 1st few frets playable and buzzing from half way up the neck. Is that what happened to you? That is how I got my Gibson j 45
  4. I find I have had many high end guitars and this is an absolute first. I guess I came hoping for some kind of explanation like but I will obviously have to send the guitar back. Can you think of anything worse than a new guitar that you cant play?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I got it from Thomann. It is the biggest music outlet in Europe. I will have to send it back I guess because there is definitely something wrong with the guitar. I read in Taylors website that when a guitar is too dry it shows the symptoms I am seeing like too much relief, lowered strings and quite possibly a bulge at the 14th fret. Maybe the guitar was stored for 6 months without correct humidity and since it is a LH model it takes longer to usually sell.
  6. As you can imagine, I was very excited to recieve my new Gibson in the post today but then, after playing it for a few minutes I became very dissapointed because there seems to be a problem with the guitar. Basically, the guitar is very badly setup and the strings rattle from about half way up the neck. So i look at the relief and right away I can see that the guitar has way too much relief. I then unscrew the plate on the headstock to get to the truss rodd and I see right away that the truss rod is completely loosened. So I tighten it a bit to get to a more acceptable relief but then the buzzing is all across the neck and I see that the action is way too low. I take a measurement at the 12 fret low e string and it is only 1mm on the low E string! That is 0.039" when it should be 6/64". So what is actually going on here? Is the saddle too low? Has the guitar dried up too much and the top has sunk in while in storage for the last 6 months? The guitar came sealed from the factory so how can this be? The inspection leaflet that came with the guitar shows that it was inspected at the end of last year. Up at the top, it says "Action 12th fret L:5 H:3. I guess the L refers to the low string and the H to the high string but not sure what the number means. Maybe it means the 5/64ths low E string and 3/64ths high E string? But in that case I don't know where those measurements come form because the height of the strings is Much lower and much too low. Is any of this odd? I would appreciate any help and advice. Maybe I got it wrong and will need a humidifer or maybe all Gibson guitars ship with the truss rod loose for safety reasons? I have purchased many guitars from many manufacturers, Martin, Taylor, Maton, Cole Clark and never have I seen something like this. The guitar is unplayable! So what should I do? thanks!
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