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  1. I am in a "gear desert" where I live. My question could easily be solved by picking up the guitar in question, which is a Gibson ES 335. I am exploring this potential new guitar purchase remotely. I have a question about 335's but it also involves a question about the only Gibson guitar that I own, which is a 2019 Les Paul HP. The nut of the 2019 Les Paul HP is 1.745" and end of board width of 2.31". The width of the neck of my 2019 Gibson Les Paul HP seems to taper quite wide as you get towards the 12th fret (i.e, from 9th fret upwards it gets uncomfortable for playing chords with my thumb wrapped around). My other guitars do not have such a pronounced widening of the fretboard. Of course, the fretboard width of my other guitars (2017 Clapton Strat production line, 2019 PRS Silver Sky, 1996 Fender Tele, 2019 American Original 60's Tele) do have somewhat of a taper as you go up the neck, but nothing as pronounced as the 2019 Les Paul HP. I've tried to find discussions of this issue online but I am striking out. Do you know what I am talking about? My question whether the "super wide neck at the 12th fret thing" is something typical of Les Pauls only, as compared to say, an ES 335. Does the ES 335 have such a pronounced taper in neck width? Is this a Gibson thing? I ask because for my purposes of being able to wrap my thumb around chords up the neck, the Les Paul does not allow for that. Does an ES 335 have a "narrower" taper more in the style of a Strat or Tele? The nut on the 2020 ES 335 is 1.69, so it's a bit smalller, but it's not the nut I'm concerned with. I'm concerned with the fretboard width at the 9th fret and above. Thank you so much.
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