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  1. I think putting extra number in serial number is easy than putting another headstock. Neck wound matches with the headstock wound so i think headstock replacement is less possible than adding extra digit to serial number.
  2. At first i thought the same way, but the previous owner said that the guitar might be stolen 30 years ago. So it explains 7 number serial
  3. Thank you so much. That really make sense.
  4. Thank you it really helped. It has very similar pot code. 1376902 . It looks like the guitar is original 69 custom. But the 7 digit headstock serial number is still confusing
  5. what do you think about the serial number? Is it suspicious that serial is 7 digit number? I m not sure but i think it suppose to be 6 digits.
  6. Here is the photos of the guitar
  7. A friend of mine contacted me about a gibson les paul custom, he is struggling to id this guitar. The owner says guitar was made between 1968-1972. It has sprague black beauty caps. The headstock heavily damaged. And serial is not clear but i think 5705203. Hope u help me. Thanks
  8. Actually i wanna learn its specs. I mean neck profile, chambered or weight relief etc...
  9. Hello everyone i’m struggling to identify a les paul. The owner says it is a 2011 standard in desert burst. I googled its model name but there is very limited info. Owner says it has no push pull but i figured out 2012 has push pull. Hope u help me identify this instrument and learn its all specs. model name: LPSTD+DBCH1
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