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  1. Thank you, ksdaddy. I've seen posts elsewhere about guitars from Bozeman during that time and most seem to think they are superior even for Bozeman. Me, I'm a bit ignorant on it and not much to compare it too. As long as it doesn't affect desirability I'm fine with it.
  2. Hi, everyone New member, first post. Just bought 29-year old J-200, after wanting one badly for 10 years since I first picked one up to play at GC. Been playing on and off for 40+ years. Guitar looks fantastic, hardly a blemish and hasn't been played much. Had set up and sounds fantastic especially as compared to my other guitar,(a Larrivee D-03, nice but not in the same league). Anyhow, no checking, bu it has a very yellow almost gold tint to it, both binding and back and sides. Top has grown dark. My question - Is this normal with age? It seems I've seen maple furniture that was more on the yellow side, or does it mean it was exposed to the sun too much? Does it affect value or performance in any way? Thanks to all
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