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  1. Hi friend, thanks for the help. I really liked the sound I heard on some videos on YouTube. I liked it so much that I got this paranoia of doubting that the used pickup I bought might not be the 490T, even containing the sticker. But looking at his DC resistance I concluse that it is can't be another, right?
  2. Hello guys, I'm using Google's translator. I am buying a used 490t pickup. The seller told me that he is sure that it is the 490t, he said it has a T (treble) on the base, and has a low DC resistance (around 8 kohms). If I'm not mistaken, there are only two Gibson pickups with DC resistance of around 8 kohms. They are the 57 Classic (and variants) and the 490t, but these two pickups are different at the back. In other words, I conclude that the pickup that I am going to buy is really the 490t. What do you say? See the picture from the pickup that I will buy.
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