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  1. I recently got an Epiphone ES 339 Pro and was setting it up as the action came too low and the intonation was off. The neck relief measured around .008-.009 and I left it alone. Is that too little relief?
  2. Moved them to 3/64” and do like the tone but may experiment more in the future. Thanks again!
  3. Appreciate the advise. I have been scouring the Internet and reading various things. Was reading P90s can have some natural distortion but wasn’t sure if I needed to get real close to the strings to achieve that. Thanks again!
  4. Just got a new ES 339 P90 Pro and wondering what you think good pickup heights might be. Currently at about 1/8” on the bridge and 3/32” on the neck but not sure if this is ideal. Forgive me but I only just got back into playing after 30+ years.
  5. Just got a Pelham Blue P90 Pro yesterday.
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