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  1. Pulled the trigger on it. Sounds great! Heres a look.
  2. Definitely lots to love on both finishes!
  3. Yes, the one I am looking at seems to have all the same feature as yours. Beautiful piece! And when you say mid teens thats in usd? Im in canada so. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Thanks for the answer agree with all of what you said. Excited to try it out and compare tones with my j15 walnut burst.
  5. Yes i think thats whats going to happen, idealy id like to keep both but thats not in the cards😂
  6. Yeah I see. Will be going to try it out soon. Thanks for the insight
  7. She is gorgeous! Thanks for the reply.
  8. So just call it a 2000 j50 with a vintage pick guard & tuners am I right?🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Looks like you have quite the collection there?!! 01 j50 00 sj200 05 j45 Im jealous😂
  10. Nice! Single rosette ring too? Looking forward to try it. Heard they open up well with time also. Any idea what they would be worth at 20 years old?
  11. That is probably what I would end up doing. Wondering what it is worth though...
  12. Does yours have the batwing pick guard? Normal saddle or adjustable?
  13. Sorry about the poor quality had to resize the files
  14. No that one does not have a adjustable saddle. Wish I could attach a picture. It wont let me because the file is too large
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