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  1. Thanks for all the thoughts. How about using Talcum Powder? I've read in a couple of places that performing players use talcum powder to make the neck slick. Then I read not to do it because it caches. Anybody use Talcum Powder on their hands with a Gibson Acoustic?
  2. Just brought home a new WC J15 LTD AE with a walnut fingerboard. I've never owned a good guitar before, only $125 good-enoughs. What a nice sounding guitar and nice to play. Anyway... I don't know how to take care of it. The fingerboard, neck, and strings are a little sticky because I bought the floor demo model. I want to slicken things up, but want to make sure I don't mess things up instead. I have Gerlitz Guitar Honey which is said to be for dark fretboard woods, Dunlop 65 string cleaner, and Dunlop 65 guitar polish. Looking for some help on what I should do to get my new guitar polished up and remove the sticky feel. Thanks!
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