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  1. Awesome, now I can remove this 🤡 makeup
  2. Also his name is KS Daddy? what a weird name, probably has Daddy issues
  3. Yeah no problem, always here to unite all against a common evil
  4. Come on the mods are taking the piss, no way I can get away with this. They are probably getting knocked up in the arse
  5. Not really, I just go like Mudvayne and Dig
  6. Also how are the mods so incompetent lmao, just like Gibson itself
  7. I don’t use socks, I use your ***-dumpster of a mom
  8. Nah, I’m good. I actually just want the EBMM now tbh, I have it and I love it - great for metal but also jazz-fusion licks ala Holdsworth, Plini, Poland. Besides, I love this time ranting. Nobody responds but as soon as someone starts a rant everyone wants to chime in. Human psyche is so fragile and vindictive
  9. Yeah, will replenish by sucking on your whore mom’s ****
  10. Big man, you should know ive known about my penis by how your mom sucked and choked on it everyday after you went to school ya bastard
  11. And no I won’t post it because I just joined to get some info on the guitar. I don’t and have never cared about Gibson, but I didn’t think its owners would be just like the brand: arrogant, pompous schmucks who chase a pipe dream of becoming their idols
  12. I literally just joined this forum to ask this question because I could flip it. But ah well, I came to my senses - Gibson has been on a downwards spiral and sells at extremely high prices because morons lust for the name. Slash’s Apetite guitar isn’t a Gibson, Hetfield’s explorers weren’t a Gibson, Iommi’s SG isn’t a Gibson, and Gibson LP Customs are (hilariously) just overpriced USA models with a few cosmetics while the custom shop has such innovation to do reissues every year of the same models. Oh and how can we forget the Ebony/Richlite debacle? But then again innovation isn’t Gibson’s strong suit since the 50’s...the Robot Tuners, the Moderne, LP Supreme, Florentine, Ultra, Elegant, ruining Epiphone...Gibson is definitely still triumphant because some morons still think it is a great guitar company. It is but a grotesque deformity of its past glory.
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