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  1. As the serial number is not as clear as it could be this is either 82146516 or 82148616. Any help the Forum can give to establish the model ID of this guitar, or any bad news that you may have. I have also now found other gibsons on the web with this dual shading of reds on neck and body's
  2. Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been lucky enough to have just purchased 1 x ES135s, 1xES135h and 1xES335. I will be hoping that the forum will be able to help me qualify identity and quality of my newly owned guitars. The ES335 has an embossed number on the reverse of the headstock 82146516 and made in USA underneath. Although I am sure of the number The ID's are not very clear leading to my first question do you think the neck has been oversprayed. If it has then the finish is "factory" quality but is a slightly darker shade of red. Some of the on-line sights I have checked show this serial number relating to a 2nd August 1986 ES335 made in Nashville. The overall condition of the guitar is "very good" and the sound is excellent. Are the PUPS Humbucker or P100's etc. Thanks in advance for your help. ps Can't fathom out how to attach photos as small as required by the Forum, perhaps some kind person will enlighten me
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