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  1. Hi there, My friend who died recently left 13 guitars behind. Some bought finished, some custom made. They were distributed between his family and friends. A Gibson he was building was left over. No one wanted it so I asked for it so my son could finish building what my friend George started. My son has been learning accoustic for some time but at 13 he is craving for an electric guitar to move on from puff the magic dragon to ACDC. Now my reason for writing. I have an idea what I still need but I'm not sure. Here's some photos. It's basically the electrics and knobs I need.. but which ones? There's three holes. Is it tone, tone, volume would it be tone, volume, on/off? Or something else? The Jack is seperate I know. It has two epiphone pick ups as you can see on the photos. Thanks for any advice. Jim
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