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  1. Bonjour, Hope everyone's got blisters on their fingers and smiles on their faces! I signed up to the forum, hoping someone will be kind enough to help me make some informed decisions and solve a problem. Thank you so much in advance to anyone taking the time to read this. My guitar is a Gibson J-15. I really love it. Recently though a friend said that it should sound a lot better and that he has cheap guitars that sound nicer... which got me thinking - are there any adjustments I can make to the guitar to improve it's sound? I recently bought a Marshall 30w amp but unfortunately the pickup is broken. I took it to a small guitar shop and he checked it and said it's probably the "Piezo (?) strip" that needs replacing. I read somewhere that the fitted pickups could be better, is this true? Would I be best fixing my existing one or installing a shiny new one? Any recommendations? Please excuse my ignorance and thank you again for helping a brother out 🙂
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