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  1. A 1979 LP I restored, level fretboard and regret and new hardware tuning machines, stop tail and bridge. I'm working on restoration of a 69-69 LP Bass now.
  2. So, I got a really good deal from an acquaintance on a 2017 ES335 a couple years ago. It was brand new never played bought from Chicago Music, still had plastic on the pickguard. The guy I bought it from was a professional musician and it was one he never got around to playing. So, I got it home and noticed gouges and un-even binding all over and the first 3-4 frets aren't even seated in the slot all the way but, they are level, how did they do this you say? My guess is the PLEK sys compensates for this. Still one would expect from a 3k plus guitar you should have better QC that this, I build guitars and would be embarrassed to put my name on it. Now should I dump it as is or fix it then dump it? If Gibson would fix it that would be cool too.
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