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  1. Contact the retailer. I had a very minor issue with a 50's Standard (the tailpiece had a few scratches) and after sending a few pics, the seller just mailed me a new part and didn't want the old one back. If it was a reputable dealer, they should hook you up. If not, then you know where not to buy from in the future. The other option would be to just replace the tuners yourself. I got a set of these that have much finer sweep (18:1 ratio vs. 14:1 OEM). Given the cost of the guitar, $80 or so isn't really that much of an issue, certainly less than the cost of shipping and anxiety about it getting damaged in the process. I know know these fit an R8 but you need to check the dimensions for your particular neck (overall post height, bushing diameter, peghead thickness, etc.) to make sure these fit.
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