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  1. Thank you everyone, this thread has been very informative and helpful. Tons of great info for the owner. There is no way I would have sorted out all of this information about this guitar on my own. I'll mention the 12th fret to the owner. I don't think He lives is too far from there.
  2. LOL thanks for heads up it's my first time here but I've been on other forums for years I know the drill. Thanks for your response I believe the top is mahogany to me as well definitely not spruce. thanks for the information. As i mentioned the guitar is not mine but a friends. I gave him the same advice about seeking out a reputable Luthier about regarding the repairs. I didn't play it. The strings on it looked really old I didn't want to try to tune it in fear of snapping a string, that and coupled with the fact that the neck heel is separating from the body ga
  3. I'm asking for a friend the guitar is his father's who is the orginal owner. No FON on the neck block. The owner is not sure if he wants to keep it and get it fixed up or sell it. Thanks the bridge plate and bracing when I looked at it was in good condition nothing stuck out as unusual or damaged. Thanks for information about the case. Thanks for the welcome. I do know the guitar has some value what that is I'm not sure. I'm more familiar with gibson electrics. I'm asking about the guitar for a friend. His father is the orginal owner of the
  4. Hi everyone, I found this forum in hope of getting some advice on a vintage Gibson J45. I want to know if it's worth restoring and repairing it. It's definitely seen better days I've attached pictures of the guitar. I've tried to highlight some of the problem area's the but some of the faults are difficult to see in the pictures. Essentially here is a short list of the problems -The wood on sides of the body is spilting in some spots. -No picture but the neck is twisted -Some wear on the frets overall it will need a dressing and crowning at the minimum -The neck
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