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  1. J45nick, Sorry did not tried to trash everything Gibson and maybe statement 1 of hundred is a bit arrogant, but gems are hard to find of any brand . Just thought maybe some harsh criticism will be heard and some changes will be done (especially because only couple actual impressions in forums of Historic line). Maybe its harder to see, but the J-45 '42 historic's photo also shows really floppy built. And to be fair - yeah i am a bit jealous to you guys, that i still did not find a right Gibson after all these years of searching and trying really a lot of them 🙂 btw. i am in Europe. And also i must mention that couple years ago i did played few Gibsons i still remember. One of them was vintage Hummingbird which was unforgettable experience , but it was not for my pocket then. Have a great weekend, everybody!
  2. Not the case. The excess glue is so huge, that it would be enough for three guitars 😄
  3. If someone wants to justify Gibson - that's ok, it's your right. But that "tricky to work" is just marketing for upcharger you ate. Of course it requires skills, but thousands luthiers all over the world does flawless hide glue and it is no magic. Gibson also does full hide glue many many years and none of that was so bad as new Historics. If proper gluing is a difficult task, so how we can talk about perfect amount of scalloping, choosing the right woods weight and sturdiness, flawless positioning and etc etc. The more really good guitars gets in to my hands, the more i think many people does not have idea how should a good guitar sound. I am not saying Gibson has never made fine sounding instruments, but its 1 out 100 at best. For example - want really good J-45 - just try made in England Atkin J43, You will be surprised.
  4. Thanks for replies! It is impossible for me to say every Historic looks like that, but for example J-45 '42 Historic also has nasty glue job (picture bellow) I just keep wondering, how good Gibsons would really be, if they put a lot more attention to the build.
  5. Hi guys! Risking to be attacked buy rotten tomates, but still want to be honest and share my experience. Recently i decided to pull the trigger on Gibson. And not any regular gibson, but one of the best their offerings - Advanced Jumbo 1936 Historic line. Whats really makes me mad is their slogan - Greatest guitar makers in the world? Wow, what a statement. I ordered Gibson AJ 1936 Historic from 2020. Thats a 5k guitar for you. The fit and finish was mediocre but acceptable (tool marks on fretboard, poor nitro application etc), but when i put down the mirror inside the guitar i laughed and cried at the same time. Its not just like some hide glue access in interior (brownish color), the whole inside was like a maple syrup festival. It looked like it was constructed by 10 years old child and there is no irony in this statement - i never saw this kind of quality even in cheap guitars. Whats crazy, the guitar still sounded decent, but nothing amazing. I asked the shop to take photos of more Historic line guitars interiors, and they all had a lot of glue marks all over, though i must admit not so much as my AJ which i returned immediately. Considering the price payed, Gibsons are far inferior to Boutiqe builders at the same price point. All of this is not hateful comment. I just think its not fair to wave a "greatest guitar makers" flag against real guitar makers, who actually creates musical art pieces. People should understand that Gibson just makes replicas of their own company history (and quite bad ones). Btw - that Redline case of which all rave about - was extremely poor quality - unstable when oppened because of metal supports positioned to close, glue marks all over and loose interior felt ends. Also the outsides vinyl black material was extremely wrinckeld on the edges - hard to believe its made by geib/tkl? Something is wrong with this eather... Anyway, all the best for everybody, hope you will be more careful on Gibsonesque sound hunt!
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