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  1. Thanks that looks like exactly what I was looking for!!
  2. Sounds really dumb , but my dad stained some wood with a felt tip marker when I was a kid then clear coated or lacquered it and it actually came out really nice , I was thinking of simply taking something like a sharpy and lightly touching the "spot" just to make it not so obvious. Its kinda small ding .
  3. ...btw , what color is this LP? Cherry? Wine? Almost looks blood red.
  4. Thank you , ill give it a watch when I get a chance .
  5. I dont mind dings , they add character , this one I just dont like only because i stare at as I play 😆
  6. Oh for sure the tuners are grover so I know there not stock (can see the extra holes. And I knew the knobs were wrong and the pickgaurd in every other '93 the same color as mine are black so I assumed it was changed for some reason. But I sorta like the contrast , any idea how I can fix a small ding , not really worried about filling it as much as color matching it as I can't help staring at it when I play , its on the top side just above the switch.
  7. I completely forgot about companies doing that . But was off on the year also , its a 1993 studio . I dont really think theres anytging special about it other than its mine and I love it . Pretty sure it dont have the stock pickgaurd as it is white pearloid , the tuners are grover also not stock white knobs and Schaller strap locks . Pretty sure everything else is stock
  8. I do have one random question and please don't laugh , but the guy keeps swearing its some sort of custom shop model . How would I tell? Shouldn't it have some sort of stamp or logo other than the standard Gibson logo and the serial number and USA stamped on it and the studio on the truss rod plate? Because best I can tell its a standard 94 studio , wich im completely 100% fine with , but would be nice to know exactly WHAT I have . But as it sits in its case next to my bed right now it definitely is an inspiring guitar that makes me want to play and in the end thats what matters
  9. Im kinda a no frills sorta guy , most basses I ever own are normally just wood , no finish is my favorite . Wouldn't mind that belly cut out though , but really no big deal .
  10. Thanks man , I'm enjoying a new intrest in the guitar because of this guitar . I definitely have picked it up in the past few days more than the other (jackson) i own .
  11. I actually dont mind it one bit . As long as it keeps the guitar safe I could care less what color it is.
  12. ...it definitely needs some love though , ill change the strings and clean it up and cherish this guitar, where every other guitar was just something to come up with a very basic idea of a fuitar part on and pass the torch to one of my friends as I was mainly intrested in the bassline this one will be the one I pass on to my daughter I think. .....now if only he had an explorer and a flying V he didn't need anymore 😆
  13. Ive pretty much decided this will be "the guitar" i finally learn more than power chords on . At this point im not joining any bands or really playing with anyone or anything , just gonna play for my own enjoyment and take my time and learn what I want. Been kinda wanting to play some "Sabbath type" stuff and its a great guitar and has a great sound for it and I dont feel like ive even begun to discover what it can do. Before I moved 1000 miles from home everyone I knew was a great guitar player , so I was sort of discouraged because I would struggle and they would make it look
  14. ...ive ALWAYS heard ppl complain about the weight (wich was also main reason neighbor traded it to me) and neck profile on a Gibson . Idk maybe its because I play bass I find both very comfortable.
  15. The knobs have definitely been swapped and all the ones I can find have a black pickgaurd , I kinda like the contrast though on the knobs. Seems to be a great playing and sounding guitar though . Ive only ever had the chance to play epiphone and this Gibson blows them away .
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