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  1. i got my jersey star delivered today, love it so far, but every description from every store and even the official sight says its a floyd rose 1000 serise, but what is on the guitar looks nothing like the floyd 1000. all the floyd 1000 pics i have sen show a back slant to the fine tuners, the one on my new JS are straight up. anybody know what is going on? here is a pic of it. it only says floyd rose on the opposite side from the arm. no other markings. as far as i can tell that means its a original and not a 1000.
  2. I just bought a Jersey Star in candy apple red and I guess i just assumed that the flagship (most expensive) model would have a hardshell case that i could buy. Are there plans to support this fine guitar with a much needed hardshell case? not too worried about the price, but i do see cases for a few of the lower end guitars and am wondering if i am just not looking in the right place or right websight.
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