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  1. Late 80’s up to 1990 has USA under Gibson. Late 70’s early 80’s and modern ones now just say Gibson or Gibson gear.
  2. @ Capmaster....... As a pro Audio Engineer since the 80’s , I can unequivocally attest that we all frequently use phase reversal during the recording process. On every single six or seven figure price tag console, every channel comes with a true phase reversal switch so it’s a false statement to say it’s not useful in audio. there are many drum miking techniques and musical harmonic generation through phase manipulation of the signal. This would apply to any guitar or miked source. Just to clear this up. soooo.... I just installed the gold 57 & 57+ in a 2012 ES 335 replacing the T and R 490’s . Wow !!! Great clearer bell like but thick tone straight out playing through a twin reverb everything at 12 o’clock reverb on 7 The plus being a little hotter (I measured 8.0) the neck pickup classic reads 7.5 .... since I have a black w/ gold hardware model they look fantastic (but so do the chrome ones) I couldn’t be happier overall. These are new true PAF pups designed after the original 53 Seth Lover designed Humbuckers but slightly overwound thus the new patent ..... I have a 59 Melody maker with an upgraded 1960 Seth Lover double cream pup. I had no idea that my luthier friend had used an “old” Gibson pickup when he serviced my axe in the late 60’s . It’s amazing that an old used pickup has become one of the holy grails of pickup design..... this one measures 7.7 right between the classic 57 readings. To conclude : I don’t have the split coil option like some of the newer 335’s come , but I wish I did. I may add the push pull coil split pots and try it after reading the other reviews but not yet. I’m thoroughly enjoying them just as they are now. happy music making DS
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