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  1. Hi Bobouz, I can confirm that it is a Fishman Matrix Acoustic Natural 1 UST.
  2. Thanks, I'll get hold of an inspection mirror and have a look inside when I get a chance.
  3. Here is a pic of the Pickup battery holder It is the two prong metal clip on the neck block you describe. I know LR Baggs use the little bag that affixes with Velcro. It's wired directly to the pickup and end pin jack plug. Would that mean it's the Fishman UST you mentioned? According to the seller, it was her late husbands guitar. He was in Lee Kernaghan's band (a well known Australian Country Artist). She said he bought it new from Corner Music in Nashville. She also had his Guild D55 but wasn't prepared to part with that one.
  4. I'm not sure, but I think the pickup is factory. It doesn't appear to be aftermarket and I've seen a couple of around that vintage on reverb with what appears to be the same pickup system.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. That was the kind of information I was hoping to get, very helpful. It is a beautiful guitar. I managed to upload some photos after watching some YouTube videos (I'm new to this!). It does have a pick up. I'm not sure what it is, but it is just a 9V direct out with no controls on the guitar. I bought it off the widow of the previous owner, who was a guitarist in an Australian country music star's band. She seemed to think it was some kind of LR Baggs pick up? Once again, thanks for helping me out everyone.
  6. Hi, I'm hoping someone here can provide me with information regarding a J-200 I recently purchased in Australia. It was listed as a J-200 Standard, but the Vintage Tuners, Truss Rod Cover and four inlay Bridge suggested otherwise. I contacted Gibson and they confirmed that it is not a Standard, but is a "2001 J-200 Reissue". Unfortunately that is all the information they provided and they haven't replied to my follow up emails. Does anyone here know if there are any other differences other than the bridge, tuners and truss rod cover. Is this similar to the 1957 Reissues or New Vintage models (hide glue, etc)? Any further information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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