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  1. Hi all, I was corrected earlier by Myles up there on the difference between the 50s/60s neck. And that's what sparked the comment about the lies that guitar center told me :) Sorry for the confusion! All I know is, I don't like the new LP Studios because of the flat and wider/thicker feel. My hands are small and I preferred the older LP studio models. It seems like I'm going with the Gretsch this time around...at least in my mind for now. but I'm sure I'll be back for a Gibson one of these days I'm sure of it. Gibson just oozes classic rock.
  2. Thanks! Well that's strike two for Guitar Center who has given me wrong info.. yet again. Well, thanks for your input!
  3. Thanks for the info! Yeah, the LP studio had the humbuckers, i believe it was a 2007 model which I learned has a 1950s style neck so it's rounder and slimmer. While the 2009 Les Paul studio has a 1960s style neck, flatter and thicker. It's a Gretsch Duo Jet G6128-1957 that I'm looking at. So it's the Filtertron pick ups. I don't really have a "style" of playing..so as for type of guitar that fits my needs I can't say. I played the Gibson LP Studio and that was fine. Compared to the Fender Strat I was using before, I definitely enjoy the crunch and sustain. I was playing an Am
  4. Hi all, I was using a Les Paul Studio 2007 (ebony chrome hardware) but had to sell it earlier this year due to financial issues. Well, I'm in the market again but I fell in love with a Gretsch. Price range is very similar for the ones I'm looking at. My only reason for not jumping on the LP Studio is that I've noticed that the neck feels thicker and flatter?? I don't know if I'm making that up or not... but I can't find another 2007 to compare. I have really small hands and so I loved the 2007... Anybody out there have experience with both guitars??
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