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  1. Well, They got back to me with an answer. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. Thats what I'm counting on to be honest. I can't see my question being of top priority to the big boys at corporate. 😁
  3. I really appreciate all the help. I think I will do exactly that. Have a great day
  4. Being 100% honest, I am not sure. here's a pic.
  5. I thought that as well, as I have seen a few (AN) labels. 🤔
  6. Hello all, I have been searching wide and far for a piece of information that I hope someone can help me with. I have a 1994 Gibson J-30 AT. (see pic below) and I absolutely cannot find anywhere what the (AT) on the label means. Thank you in advance for any help. AJ
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