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  1. Well you guys said it was real and all so ya it's cool and I'll admit it so in retrospective to the other thing I'd like to know the value of it. Why do I want to know? I sorta become attached to this guitar and so due to some problems he has in his foster family he wants to sell it and he hasn't named a price so I want to know what to expect to pay. Once again here's clearer pictures of the guitar. This is a Noril era guitar from what you guys told me. Can anyone tell me the year that it might be in and around how much it would cost? And from these pictures are you guys sure its real?
  2. Wow well theres no serial number so how can he get it?
  3. Damn well can you guesstimate? And this thread has the most replies (mainly spam) and the 2nd most views. Even with the sticky threads.
  4. Wow ok so how much do you think this guitar is worth?
  5. Jesuschrist close this thread, so much spam, ITS REAL!!!, its his friggin uncles not his there LOCK THIS, I made this thread and even I want it to die!
  6. Oh ya for sure I know that but Im just skeptical about it, I have a actual Fender 80's Stratocaster that I have in my other thread and its worth a little over $3,500 but thats not the case, its him being a *** and calling me out on me SG that really bothers me and Stacy your parents bought you all (when I say all I mean your only 2) guitars so... ya
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