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  1. I was curious what stand you guys use/recommend for a Flying V. I have one on order and am shopping for a stand. I have heard that the Hercules stand grip touches the nut of the guitar and the angle at which it is forced to be at may warp the neck... Not sure if it is true or just a myth. What do you guys use?
  2. Hey guys, Just bought a new Les Paul Standard 50s with a AAA rated top. Love the guitar from far away, but I am not sure how to interpret the QC issues - is it something I should keep and accept or try to exchange for another one? I spoke to the dealer and they offered either an exchange or a partial refund (not sure how much) - I'm just afraid that the exchanged one won't be much better. There's unpolished varnish by the fretboard on the top, some leftover glue/filling compound underneath the varnish underneath the fretboard... Your thoughts? https://postimg.cc/gallery/DLkpdzH
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