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  1. I got a Epiphone Joe Perry Boneyard Les Paul it holds Gibson BB-2 and 3 stock, I found it at car boot over 5 years ago i got it because i like the top on the guitar and didn't know much about the guitar other then it looks cool , I have never liked the neck pickup found it to muddy to use the bridge pick has been good to play mostly rock music and some old school metal , i have never really done much with the guitar its been in storage it does needs a clean down, as you can see first time i opened the wiring case i have started getting foil out of the case, i think it was a shield not sure if its doing anything so i am going to take it all out. I can solder and my friend is selling a set of Seymour Duncan APH-2S Slash Alnico II Pro Set R.Zebra he gave them to me to try to see if i like them on this guitar, Well first off i don't know if to change them but there is know harm in trying them out to see , i am new to the wiring systems in guitars i have looked up on the 50s wiring and i am not sure what the joe perry is using but there seems to be more wires around , Well my first Question is should i just drop the pickups in and keep this wiring or should i change the wiring system? the Pots seem good there are B500k on volume , and A500k on tone. Not sure what the caps are or if i should upgrade them ? I guess i am thinking if i am going to put the pickups on i might as well do any upgrade if needed .
  2. Sent it back sadly they have know more in stock seems to be a real shortage of Gibson Guitars in the UK , I also think because of the shortage some shops might be trying to sell some of the guitars they might have had problems with or x demo stock as new, The guitar must have been checked at the shop as the seal on the box was cut and nearly everyone on here noticed how bad it was set up .
  3. done all that still buzz must be a problem with the saddle getting an exchange tomorrow so it might be round two lol hoping it comes better out of the box this time keeping my finger crossed because its the last gold top they have in stock .
  4. well if anything i have improved it i have setup the guitar up better than it came to me and there is still buzz , It came screwed up so there is nothing lost or gained the only tools used is for the trust rod and that is normal to use on guitars .
  5. well maybe if they send out a guitar with a half decent setup then people wouldn't have to take tools to it
  6. what looks wrong i might be able to change it ?
  7. Not setup a Gibson before but have done Epip many times , The Gibson came with an almost flat neck trust rod didn't feel to tight to begin with i did loose it a bit seems ok now , I don't know the exact string height but i think Low E 3mm and high E - 2.50mm is about right , Open string buzz on the A and D sting not as much after setting it up but still there. Shops coming to collect it tomorrow .
  8. Don't know if this helps but this is after i set it up , seems high now still get buzz ,
  9. Standard 50s 2019 , I like the neck on the 50s feels right to me bit heavy but its what i expected .
  10. i don't know the string height measurement for Gibson guitars but i have adjusted it to - Low E 3mm and high E - 2.50mm and it still buzzing on A and D it has reduced a bit but still get buzz , String height seems high now surly it shouldn't be buzzing now . neck relief is ok
  11. i did test the sound and it sounded better that my Epip guitars and felt great that's with a bad setup too , but i have nothing else to compare it with or another Gibson , I can't visit the Guitar shops or i would have done that and maybe test a few , I don't think there is a definitive answer everyone seems to have different views on this , If the guitar wasn't setup so bad then i might have kept it but its really bad, the string height on the bass side is 3.25mm at the 12 fret and the A and D strings buzz open but the bass E is fine which is strange .
  12. it was like it when i opened the box ? i got it online so i don't think the shop looked at it before sending .
  13. Might send it back , getting a lot of string buzz on the A and D string open strings , didnt really want to higher the Bridge . some of my cheaper guitars have come better set up not sure .
  14. Is this acceptable for a new Gibson ? I am not an expert on how the guitar should be but there is a gab on the bridge and saddle studs to the body of the guitar , I have done two pictures of both sides the other side looks ok .
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