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  1. Thanks, but if you read the whole post you would have seen this: “I suppose the supply chain was disrupted by the virus”; and then there’s this: “if production hasn’t restarted, why would stores accept pre-orders?”
  2. Does anyone know what’s going on with ES 335 manufacturing? I want to buy a vintage burst satin ES 335, but all the stores are showing out-of-stock. I preordered one from Musicians Friend over three weeks ago; since then they gave me 2 expected shipping dates and missed both of them. Now they won’t even give me an expected shipping date. I’d love to buy used, but I can’t find any of these guitars for sale anywhere. Nothing.... I suppose the supply chain was disrupted by the virus, but wouldn’t the big dealers get preference once production restarts? And if production hasn’t restarted, why would stores accept pre-orders? Are there smaller dealers that get special treatment from Gibson? Any ideas about how to get this guitar?
  3. Interesting thread! I've been trying to sell a Takamine EF341SC on craigslist for a few weeks now, and I have to say the experience has been frustrating! Three times now different people have written to say they definately want the guitar, sight unseen, but they happen to be out of town at the moment and want to send me a money order! Clearly this is some sort of scam (though for the life of me I can't figure out what anyone has to gain by asking me to accept a money order that would be cleared before the guitar ships). I never heard back from any of them when I said I wanted a cash & carry deal only--though I did offer to hold the guitar for them until they returned to the area. I'm thinking now of going to Ebay, but I'm not sure how to go about shipping the guitar. Can one simply bring an acoustic guitar in a hardshell case to a local Mailboxes, etc., and give it to them for shipping? Will they pack it correctly? I'm not really sure how to do this myself, so I'd prefer to have someone else do it. How much is it likely to cost for shipping? For the OP, I would imagine that GC is more likely to deal if they know that you're buying something else, and they have a sense of what you're buying (and their profit margin). Still, they offer next to nothing. Best, Jersey Jack
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