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  1. After doing my research extensively on this topic I have found out that it depends on what model it is and the features. Forum I was a neck thru with passive features. There was an attempt to add a pre-amp as well but that didn't go so well and a lot of people just by passed the pre amp and made them passive. Forum II was a bolt on neck and was passive or active. But most of them were passive. Due to them trying to get the right combination of pre-amp and Pick-Ups. Forum III was neck thru and they gave you the option of passive, the one with 2 knobs and a switch, or active pre-amp with 4 knobs
  2. I have 2 Forum III’s one is black one is midnight blue. The configuration of these are very hard to find. Neck thru with the pre amp and Spector pickups. I bought both of them brand new in1988. Both start with XA numbers because of the active pre amp, neck thru, and the abilone in lays and neck bindings. The midnight blue one I will never get rid of since I promised to give to my grandson when I’m done. Both of these have been my favorite gigging basses and yes after all these years they have some scratches but they play and sound awesome! They don’t make them like this anymore!
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