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  1. Got the amp back from a local shop recommended by a luthier that worked on my dad's guitar. Sounds nice plinking around, gets a little gritty if turned up slightly but too much and it starts to fart out. Probably can't go past 1/3 volume at most. Is that simply a limitation of the vintage speaker? GA-5 and ES125T 3/4 body test
  2. Wow, that is so greatly appreciated sir! I will follow up once the work is done!
  3. I did read somewhere that some old highly-sought-after Fender amps had some of the same components as the GA-5 - what exactly did they share?
  4. Thanks for that great information, much appreciated. I did take the board out to give it a look and I guess my father must have had some work done on it at some point - there's definitely some new components in there - again, I don't know anything about these components and what if anything was replaced. Definitely am going to get a 3-prong outlet put on there!
  5. I guess from what I've read this is in fact a Skylark? It doesn't say Skylark on the control panel, so that's why I thought it wasn't. Interesting to read about the love of these little guys. I do believe I will see about getting a 3-prong cord installed. Any tidbits anyone else cares to share, I appreciate your time.
  6. Hey all, I'm hoping to find any information about my father's gibson amplifier. He bought it along with his 57 ES125T 3/4 body. Still works well. It's a GA-5 but not a Skylark, number 17253 on the control plate. Any historical notoriety, how they're perceived today, current value, etc. Would be greatly appreciated. Not looking to sell it, just want to know more about it.
  7. heh, not that I know of!
  8. Hey all, I've read a few older posts about finding a new case for a vintage ES125T. I recently brought my father's ES125T back to life, but the original case needs to be replaced. When looking for a case, what are the important things to look for? For example, the luthier that worked on my dad's guitar, had a case that fit the shape of the guitar perfectly - nice snug fit, and the headstock was not seeing any pressure when closed, but it was a little deeper and so the guitar sat at an incline to the neck support. Now, this guitar isn't going to travel much at all, but I want to get
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