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  1. Just thought the movie was interesting analyzing Chapman's mind. Hope he never gets out for what he's done but on the other hand if he did he probably would get capped. Hmmm....... Can't seem to choose between the 2.
  2. I saw that movie the other night about Lennon and Chapman "Chapter 27". If there was any truth in the movie Chapman was a real screwball badly in need of help. I got the impression that he loved John Lennon but was also jealous of his fame and fortune and knew he could never be like him. So to gain the fame he craved he decided to kill him. A very sick minded person. Whats the story on Chapman now. Is he in prison or a hospital or has he been released already.
  3. The absolute best item for a stocking stuffer is a severed foot!!!
  4. Patience Strum! I'm taking the same course you are and I get frustrated making the same mistakes over and over again. I just quit for awhile and get back later on after I've cooled off. I'm 59 and retired now so time isn't really a problem. Of course I wish I'd learned years ago but as a kid playing ball and girls took prefrence over guitar.
  5. Learning to read music was a big improvement for me. Also recording some of my practice sessions. Sometimes I can't hear the mistakes or timing of what I'm playing but the recorder does'n't lie.
  6. Calm down Twang, have a beer and put that Beatles cd on like Charlie suggested. Does wonders for me especially the beers. If you do enough business with a company sooner or later something is going to go wrong you have to expect that. Not your fault!!
  7. Try Sweetwater too! http://www.sweetwater.com/store/search.php?s=casino+elitist The neck is just fine on mine. 1-11/16 nut with a standard sized neck makes for pretty easy fingering for me.
  8. Levy straps has a couple of suede and leather straps in brown and tan.
  9. Do the Les Pauls take standard size humbuckers or mini. And what size caps if I switch to orangedrops.
  10. Better sound with the newer american made pickups and probably more reliability.
  11. Hey guys I just bought that Les Paul Standard Plus from ebay about 10 days ago. She sounds good and everything looks cool. I was wondering if I wanted to switch the pots and pickups which ones would you recommend. I'd just like to go with all american made parts for it and after all the guitar is 10 yrs old. I know guitarfetish has a Les Paul kit with pots and caps and toggle switch but don't know what quality it is. The humbucker sound I'd like to keep but maybe something bluezy-er. Any suggestions from the experts.
  12. I keep one under the strings at about the 1st fret and its always there when I go to play.
  13. Want to change out the tuners on the Les Paul Standard Plus I just bought. Anyone know of any that are a direct drop in. Would like to go with Grover or Gotoh or any other quality tuners.
  14. Epi's better for the older style music, thats just fine with me! I don't listen to this new music anyway. I have tons of cd's by the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys etc. that I listen to at home and my car. The groups from the 60's and 70's did a lot more with their music than the groups today with a lot less equipment to get the sound they wanted. Todays music is all about effects, the 60's was about pure music.
  15. Yeah I stay out of the bra and panties section of the store too! AND nail polish!
  16. Thanks Charlie, my better half knows all about nail polish so I'll drag her along when I go shopping.
  17. Thanks much Stan I'll give it a try once I get the guitar and decide what I'm going to do with that chip on the back.
  18. I never have a problem buying something i want. I'm retired now so I'm enjoying the fruits of many years of labor. I buy what I want and so does she so it works out just fine. No doghouses here!
  19. I spent 4 yrs. in the Navy and did a tour of Vietnam for a year. I didn't vote for Obama but thats who most people wanted so I guess we'll just have to wait and see how he handles things. Maybe he'll surprise me.
  20. Whats the best product to remove minor scratches on the finish. Anyone have any suggestions.
  21. Thanks guys for the comments. I'll be sure to post some pics after she arrives and I will pull that sticker off Stan!
  22. Well boys I snapped her up from ebay! She looks beautiful and a perfect addition to my Casino Elitist. I asked Stan about a month ago to look at a guitar on ebay to see if it was the same color green as his. It wasn't so I've been on the lookout for one and now I think I've found her. Thanks ef for posting that link for ebay! I think in honor of Stan I am going to call her "geckoburst". The only problem I saw with the finish was on the back where it is chipped. Anyone have any idea where I can get a paint to come close to the color for a touchup. Got her for $308.00 with microsoft's deal with ebay. Saved about 87.00 on it. Anyway I'm glad I finally found it in the color I've wanted for quite some time. Wish me luck with her!
  23. Can any of you guys honestly say that your life actually got any better because of any president being elected. I've been voting since 72' and the only one to come close to making things better for me was probably Reagan. But no cigar!
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