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  1. Thanks for the info! The SJ ended up going to my older cousin. He’s also a musician, so I’m sure it’ll be well loved and played. If I can get some pics of that one I’ll share here.
  2. Yes, these are the Kluson Deluxe tuners, not Gibson Deluxe. Leftovers at the factory maybe?
  3. Awesome to know it’s a ‘69. I know the numbering system in that era wasn’t reliable and a serial number look up told me ‘66 or ‘69. I found one that looked nearly identical with the belly-down bridge, listed as a ‘66, so I went with ‘66.
  4. Hi All, I just inherited my grandmother’s 1966 Gibson B-25N. I’ve admired this guitar, as well as my grandfather’s 66-67 Southern Jumbo for many years. Neither of my grandparents were players, but were huge country music fans and had purchased the guitars new in 1966 or 67. They had been stored in the flimsy cardboard cases, that I assume came from the music shop where they were bought, until about 20 years ago when they got put into TKL hard cases. The B-25 I ended up with is in fantastic condition and to my knowledge has only been played a handful of times. There’s some minor finish
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