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  1. Firstly, I'm sorry to have appeared to be so lax in getting these photos in here. I just had a hard time figuring out the blah blah blahs. Secondly, as you know doubt know from looking at the pic, she has 2 mini-humbuckers with solid covers, a volume and tone pot for each, and a 3-way slide switch acting as the pickup selector. I'd rather have a toggle switch, as I have found that much more manageable under any condition, rehearsal or gig. It has a very low-impact on the amount of one's attention required for use, if you catch my drift. That notwithstanding, the switch just has to work.
  2. Hello again. Thanks for asking for a pic. Here it is...I hope. The new switchcraft switch is screwed to the pickgard. Yeah, yeah. White top. I'm saving the old one that is 100% broken so whoever I leave it to when I die will have all the original parts to sell with it. So...You can see the underside off the old switch hangs into a little metal cup. A plain wire is soldered on the outside of the cup. The others? Don't ask me. The sense of mystery, rather befuddlement, I get from looking at this is sorta what I felt when I first checked the electronics on my les paul. It's about 10 or 15 years o
  3. Hello folks. I bought this instrument in 1968 for $180. It's a hell of a good friend. Over the years the original tuners failed at about the same time the slider selector switch failed entirely. So she's lived in her case for maybe 8 years. I have a number of electrics, so I didn't need it to play, but as to be played was the mission the builders filled upon its construction, and it IS such a fine guitar, I got the vintage Klusons from screw-mac and a new switchcraft slider. According to the specs on the heads and my trusty calipers, the heads will be fine, and should be easily installed. The
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