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  1. 1975 D-35 Rosewood has a lot of midrange .....and lots of bass....thanks
  2. I'm comfortable with my two guitars...D-35 Martin and D-55 Guild...both dreads....do you think transitioning to the SJ-200 would be ok? thanks Leonard
  3. it really does, Rich...in fact the size of the guitar and nut is a concern of mine....in fact I just posted a question about that...I have average size hands, however...is is the nut width or the right arm that tire's you out? or both...this is a real concern except that I don't usually play more than 3-4 songs at one sitting...thanks in advance
  4. I'm considering buying a SJ-200.....how much more difficult is it to play than a dread? I usually sit on the edge of a couch to play....and mostly fingerpick and soft strumming....does your right arm get tired because of the size...should this be a factor in choosing? I do not amp up....just acoustic
  5. you are correct Cougar...only reason I asked is that my D-55 is very powerful, and lovely action ...I own a D-35 Martin as well ( 1975 ) and I'm looking for one more guitar to fill in the blanks.....I play Prine, Townes, folk/country on my Martin......Petty, etc on my Guild.....I'm not a huge strummer, and I fingerpick with fingers only so I though the SJ-200 ( with its volume ) would be good for singer/light picker and add the Walnut flavor....thoughts? if you've ever played a SJ 200 is it hard to get your right arm around the top?
  6. you said " yes " in response to the Dove or the SJ-200? or both? thanks in advance Paul
  7. agree....problem is there are like NO used guitars for sale hardly at all.....not going to buy a $4-$5K guitar without playing it.....seems Covid helped people fall back in love with their guitars....I'll know it when I touch it...like you said
  8. good idea....I played a 1970 the other day...problem was it had hardly ever been played...was very bright even on the low end...maybe it was the strings as well
  9. that all makes sense Biker...problem is I don't perform or amplify...so watching demo's of artists or others the guitar is usually miked or particularly bright to get the sound out....and there are no used ( 20 years old or more ) on the market....I think Covid has made people re-love their guitars.....I found 2 J-200 on the Internet ( theres probably a few more, Ebay, etc ) but who buys a $4-5 thousand guitar without playing it? There just is no inventory. Back to your thoughts: my goal in life ( I'm 72 ) is to polish my semi-Travis picking. To me there is nothing sweeter than to hear an artist ( Prine, Clarke, Townes, Foley, Petty ) play an acoustic guitar fingerpicking style along with a the voice ( I once saw James Taylor mesmerize a crowd in 1967 with a nylon string guitar and his voice, no accompaniment ).well I'll never be like that...I'm good on the low end picking, but haven't got my ring finger going good.....I'm starting to think about a D-28 Martin, which should be a little brighter than my D-35 or the J-200, Dove (Maple )......its just next to impossible to put your hand on them! and so it goes.....if you know of any " vintage " sites or stores that aren't Reverb, Sweetwater, Norman's....please let me know ...I'm in Stuart, Fl....Newman
  10. please explain...have you ever played a Guild of this year?
  11. thanks for responding.....would a 1996 Dove be included in those Ferguson years??.....I played it....alot like my 1975 D-35 Martin.....I found a 2012 J-200 for sale...there is not much out there used
  12. So, still looking for that final ( haha ) guitar to add to my 1975 D-35 Martin and 2012 D-55 Guild ( both Rosewood back and sides )......I play and sing along mostly folk/country...think John Prine, Townes, Petty and Dylan ballads, James Taylor, you get the idea...I'm a product of the 60's.....looking for that sweet spot guitar.....to finalize my group.....have considered Dove, Hummer, J-150/200....should I consider Santa Cruz, smaller Martin...any ideas especially from people who understand what I play...I mostly finger pick ( my own style ) and light strumming without a pick, I play by myself or for my girlfriend and not in a group of musicians ......thanks in advance....my budget is $5000, approx... I want to find that go to guitar, although my 35 is my standby right now......
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