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  1. I originally posted in an old thread, but decided to start a new one. I have a 1989 Korean Epiphone electric strat-style guitar. The threaded bushing insert in the bridge broke and I'm looking for an easy replacement (preferably no routing or drilling). It has a 71mm stud spacing unlike the typical Floyd Rose 74mm. Does anyone have any experience replacing the bridge on one of these guitars? Are there any drop-in replacements available? It doesn't seem like it but thought it was worth asking around.
  2. Ugh, I also have a JINAH tremolo on my 1989 Korean Epiphone Strat-style guitar. Like others, the tremolo block crumbled where the threaded bushing screwed into it for the tremolo arm. MiserysSaint, did you end up trying the Fastloader locking Trem System from Guitarfetish? If so, did it work? Mine looks exactly like the picture in the original post, but the on-center distance for my studs seems more like 73mm than 71mm.
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