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  1. Didn’t get the foot switch just the loop thing it came with. Great amp though, and I just ordered a Les Paul Epiphone modern figured, ships 7-12. Let’s hope it’s good to go. Maybe poly finish is just more durable generally, my thoughts at least.
  2. Amp seems sonically and structurally good, etc. would find it hard to have two Nixes in a row with chances of probability, but hey. Never know.. but yeah amplifier seems great Marshall dsl 40cr a real beauty. got a full refund just gonna keep window shopping. Have my eye set on traditional pro Epiphone SG or Les Paul Modern. Played my tribute 2017 yesterday. Worried even at 26 it’s a heavy one… SG May be in order. Is relief in the moderns all that substantially different? I tried Epi custom Silver. Just like my tribute. Modern LP was very light. SG even more so. Both would be good but gee my body can’t handle it after being on HGH for 10 years joints really feel it nowadays. Bet some of ya older guys will be laughing lol. No grey hair yet lol
  3. Nah not yet busy day yesterday I’m gonna unbox this morning check it out.
  4. Too bad I got a Marshall amp from them today that was on order. Let’s hope to god it’s quality.
  5. It has been returned today for a full refund of original purchase on method of payment. Feels good to get it out of my life, going to shop for something else. More than likely Epiphone.
  6. I specifically asked the chat rep for a pristine new Les Paul, while I know the clerks at the store XYZAbc can’t really guarantee how item arrives hence always have it shipped.. they unboxed it in front of me, You would have thought this would’ve caught the eye of the person finishing the guitar with lacquer and strings, before even allowing this to pass. I just don’t know what to say when I have picked up insurmountable Epiphone and any other brand guitar, and old vintage Les Pauls, and still see this. Old ones don’t even have this. The cutaway is beautiful and fine. The topside is not. The very very first thing I noticed when the case was opened a place I always, always check on my indo cort factory Ibanez RG guitars when ordering, as I’ve has experience with pocket cracking before. Could’ve been weather shifting maybe being dropped hard during shipping even in a darn leather hard case and box. I can’t say. All I know is I did not, pay for something to look like this out of the box.
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/PrxVSasStopped at the shop to pick up my Les Paul that was shipped there. It had this, I asked the tech there what he thought said it’s fine etc. just wondering what anyone else thinks. The cutaway side is absolutely fine. Topside is like that though. Under warranty if need be. Thoughts?
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