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  1. Seems that this person above sold his Les Paul also as a Classic instead of R0 Historic....;)
  2. Got a reply back from Gibson : - S/N is different font than the font style used for the 90's Classics .......0 3228 would stand for 1990 ..... - Font style is the same as used for the Reissue '58 , '59 , '60 .......0 3228 stands for : '60 - R0 , 3: made in 1993 , 228 production. - Gibson reissue models began having a long neck tenon in 1993 , mine has that - Classics have the original pick-ups : the 496R/500T which did not have covers - Classic stamp in the cavity.....Reissue might not have them in this early Historic period.... - The historic reissue Les Paul models would have had covered 57 Classic humbucking pick-ups which would not have had the Gibson logo on the bottom. That all applies to mine , as the pickups were original known by the previous owner and according to my guitar tech it sound , look and measuring details are those of the 57 Classic HB. So here we have it : 1993 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Reissue. (Tom Murphy Designed) Thanks !
  3. Thanks a lot and I have seen more of these Classics...but they had a different font style and the brown mahogany body instead of the red.........I have just found another one which looks exactly like mine with the same font and red mahogany body....Classic Plus. Thanks !
  4. Hi all, My first post here as I have just bought an amazing looking Gibson LP , brought to Germany in 1998 and now to the Netherlands by myself. I really LOVE the looks and playing of this guitar so no matter what it is , it stays with me 😉 . Please check the pics in the link below. My thoughts so far : - This guitar was sold as a '1991' Classic Plus Amber , but does not match with the S/N 0 3228. According to the Vintage guitar shop they were also doubting because the pots had to from 1990 and 2 from 1991 , that's why they labelled it as 1991 - S/N 0 3228 is from 1990 BUT the 'plus & premium ' tops were only introduced in April 1991 - the S/N font style does not match other 'Classic' guitars form that period....my Guitar tech owns 1 and has seen many other Gibson Classic from '90-'93 and none of them had this Font style. - Gibson logo looks vintage - In the cavity is stamped only ' AMBER' , and something like C+ handwritten , further NO 'Classic' - Thin binding in the cutaway Looking forward to your opinions : https://app.photobucket.com/u/AnandMahangoe I have done some videos with the R9 vs this 'Classic' and they sound both great ! - First part is the R9 , then the 'Classic 1990' with the pickups wiring as it was sold incl a single coil splitter, then the third one is with all the wiring brought back as it is supposed to be with the paper in oil capacitors and without the single coil splitter....huge difference in sound !
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