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  1. The straight edge contacts the bridge just slightly below the level of the saddle. I measured the distance between the guitar top and the low E string; that's about 11.5mm. Based on this article on http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Musician/Guitar/Setup/NeckAngle/neckangle.html that's apparently not ideal, but still within reason? There's no way I can turn this one down. The whole body wants to vibrate and resonate by the slightest touch; it plays so effortlessly and fills the whole room. I've played well over 25 upper class (>2000$) guitars over the past few years in the big stores here and maybe one or two were on that level soundwise (as far as I can recall). Yes, I've certainly held ones in my hands that I felt like were much prettier. But you can imagine how excited I am to have found an instrument with such tonal characeristics. Would be too bad to turn it down over these issues. Cheers, Wolf
  2. Hey folks, thanks a lot for your input! Many important points you've mentioned there. Over the last two days I did start to see the beauty in the way the grain looks. It's certainly not very common, but neither is it ugly. The only thing that I'm still unsure about is whether there is enoug saddle for a brand new guitar. It measures 2.5mm at the high E and 4.5mm at the low E between the bridge and the strings popping over the saddle. The string height is at 2.6mm at the low E on the 12th fret; I'd like to bring it down to 2.4mm. Neck relief is just perfect. How much saddle would you say should I expect on a new guitar? Is there a rate at which you could predict how fast a neck reset would be needed dependent on how much saddle there is left? Here's an image to add to the numbers stated: Also - something that I noticed is that the fretboard is leaned a little over the sound whole compared to the other J-45 where it's all matched. All still within reason? versus Thanks again, Wolf
  3. Thanks for your feedback! I took measurements on the saddle; The low E string pops over the saddle at 4.5mm, the high E string at 2.8mm. I'd like to bring the strings down by 0.2mm. Do you think that's still fine? Would a lower saddle get problematic in the long run? If the angle of the neck changes I could always bring it back by adjusting the truss rod? Thanks, Wolf
  4. Hey folks, I've been a silent reader for quite some time now. Happy to finally have my first post on this platform! I had the chance to play two Gibson J-45s. One of them is an absolute beauty and sounds great - if you haven't heard the second one. Because the second one is a killer! Even the Martin D-18 and HD28 in the shop available didn't stand a chance when I compared them side by side. But of course there's a catch: I just can't make up my mind about those weird dark grain stripes in the wood. I am (unfortunately) quite picky about the grain; just wondering if that would be a no-go for you and if you'd skip that one to find another (great sounding) one with the right aesthetics? Also, there's not too much saddle left on this one even though the low E is still on 2.6mm at the 12th fret. Not to mention the poor spraying job on the sides of the guitar; it's almost brown - not black. But I guess I could live with that for now. What's your opinion on that? Ever seen such a guitar top? Thanks, Pat
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