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  1. I purchased a vintage '50s natural Gibson ES-175 that had been exposed to some moisture while it sat in its case. The red case bled into the finish on the guitar in some areas and also has caused some finish crackling/flaking. It looks like the red stains are most likely just in the top clear coat. Would it be wise to carefully sand down the finish in these areas and spray some nitro lacquer over the spots or would it be best to just leave it as it is? I am afraid that the finish will continue to flake off when the guitar is handled, but I also know refinishing/touching up a vintage Gibson isn't exactly kosher either. Would the guitar be more valuable as it sits now or after a bit of overspray work? The guitar is in very good condition otherwise. I am considering reselling the guitar down the line so value is very important in making this decision. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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