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  1. Thanks for the replies. It's kind of hard to capture in a picture but it looks like something very precise was clamped down on it. Not so much a razor scrape but I'm not sure what the tool they use to do that is. I'm really liking the sound/tone of this one in particular so would hate to swap it out for one that has no or less blemishes but doesn't sound as special. Is it something that could be smoothed out without damaging the wood or it is what it is?
  2. I just received a new 335 from the factory and noticed it has some marks/dents on the fretboard in 4 or 5 spots. It almost looks like a machine or tool was clamped down too hard on the board and it left a small dent running parallel to the fret in the center. Is this something common on Gibson guitars? Any idea what the cause is? Should I let it slide or return it for another? It plays and sounds great otherwise.
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