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  1. @merciful-evans, no pick up covers. thanks, hope i don't need too much luck with a sale
  2. @kidblast, haha bought another pin last month gottlieb "300", not my dream pin but needed another project. Still have the guitar, put it on reverb, took to local guitar shop $160 to get it all back to original and working properly. dealing with people is draining though. I would display it but with kids and dogs not a good idea. but it sounded amazing when I plugged it up (marshall 12" all tubes)
  3. Thanks everyone. It's a hard decision. Currently, keeping it unless rare possibility for trade on a dream pinball machine.
  4. Curious what people think it's worth. My parents bought for me in 2002 so there is sentimental value, but I rarely play it. We had it appraised at Gruhn Guitars in 2003 and worth $1650. It did not come with original case, pick-up covers, nor pick guard. I was young and foolish changed the wiring so the humbuckers could be controlled individually like a strat; however, recently had a professional put it back to original and put a new toggle switch in. I have not changed out the humbuckers and the professional felt confident they were the original, I didn't get the pictures of the S/N on the back of them; however, it can be done. Any ideas of what it is worth? What is the outlook for these guitars, is it worth keeping for another 10 years. Thanks for any input and reading my post. On the rare possibility, someone reading this has one of the following: Gottlieb Spiderman / Gottlieb Hulk/ Atari Superman pinball machine and wants this guitar, please let me know.
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