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  1. It was Bill Gruhn personally that told me that this is very rare, and that a lot of them have left the country. I may have to do the appraisal thing, but I wanted some other well informed info if possible. BTW, the 8-10K figure you mentioned, is the lowest I have heard yet. I can't sell it, because of the way I received it. I have to pass it down. However, I believe that should I sell it, the only way to do this would be at auction. Thanks
  2. Hi, I recently inherited this guitar and an SJ-300. I am looking for the approximate value for insurance purposes. I know the new list price, and I have the original sales receipt. I realize it is not an ES, but I posted in the Custom forum for a week and no replies. It is basically unplayed, and i believe there were only 25 made. A major vintage dealer told me that this was an exceptionally rare guitar, and many have left the country for private collections. The one answer I got in the custom forum, said try this forum. It also has the green zippered canvas case bag with the heritage logo. The size of the file is 224 KB, and bigger than the 221 allowed, so no pic, but the pic is posted in the " Custom " forum. If people would please go back and look. I will try to get another pic that does not miss by 2 KB Any information would be appreciated. Thank You,......Pete
  3. Thanks all for your input...........................Pete
  4. I was wondering, do I have this posted in the wrong forum section?
  5. Thanks for the info. One of the links is 3875 for one with a cracked neck. Then there is another one for 4495. I did at one point call Gibson and they told me that while not cataloged they would make one but would not begin to guess at what the price might be
  6. Hi, I am new and signed in to the introduce yourself section. I inherited 2 Gibson guitars from a dear friend that passed 6 months ago. He was a vintage guitar collector, and left me 2 of my choice from his extensive collection. I have posted one in the custom shop forum ( L-5 Wes Montgomery heart edition). The other as captioned is a basically unplayed SJ-300. I am trying to get some idea of value for insurance purposes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Pete
  7. Hi, I am new to the forum, and posted in the introduction section. I recently inherited 2 Gibson guitars from a friend that was a vintage guitar collector. Both are basically unplayed. One is and SJ300 acoustic, which I will post in the acoustic section. I have been searching for information on the L-5 Wes Montgomery mother of pearl inlaid heart edition. The heart has the name Wes Montgomery on it in black letters. I am led to believe that there were only 25 of these made by the custom shop to celebrate the restoration of Wes's guitar that was fire damaged. I am trying to get some idea on if in fact there were 25 made, and place some sort of value on it for insurance. it is most certainly not for sale. I will see if I can get a pic posted. Also, this has the green canvas outer case that has aa heritage patch on it Any information would be appreciated...........Pete
  8. Thanks for the response. The condition is like new. They were bought by a dear friend who was a vintage guitar collector. As for pics, I will work on that. i belong to other forums too, and everybody catches heck when they do not post pics. I am going to move my question to the proper forum
  9. Hi, I am new to this forum, not sure I am following the prompts correctly. Need info on an archtop. Let me edit this a bit. I inherited 2 Gibson guitars an SJ300 and an L5 Wes Montgomery that I think is very rare
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