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  1. yes same for me just have to wait it out now they tell me in Jan
  2. or is the internet where people like you and your 2 friends hide behind then don't like it when they get called out on there bull **** lol sad i see your playing the victim role now huh my advice to you is take your own advice and see where you went wrong in life i mean if you cant take it don't give it . you like a baby taking right now taking candy lol all you have are words so let me teach you silence other then that you got nothing
  3. that must be a cultural thing for you Stan as calling someone Stan . as for silly and drop it... try this (It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand) if that does not work you can in box me with the other clowns if you hate your life that much
  4. lets help you number 1 people don't get in front of people correcting people like that they don't know as for a job people help each other and respect each other or should they don't insult not to there face last i teach MMA and the 1st thing is show respect or someone will teach it to you my guess is you telling me i am going to get beat up is another way of you say your feeling a hurt? lol as for making fun that's not even i good attempt and for school i am teaching right now to a few weak minds. last you never know someone could be Dyslexic or have a disability and might have issues with language so you never know why someone's grammar is bad but if you think trying to make fun of people is cool then back at you take you medicine oh and correct my grammar thank you hoe this will be my 1 and only text back so as i said to your other friend in box if you really feel the need to hate your life you take care hoe
  5. Mr. clown has now been demoted to a narcissist old unaware waste of life lol you don't know when to stop do you? your 1 of those kind that have know life no self respect . you see someone whos grammar is bad and you comment on it and if that makes you feel better about your self have at it i know you would never do it in front of me so enjoy your self my last words are what i said b4 so u can inbox me if you really hate your life that much lol other wise keep looking for attention in the wrong places i am sure you will meet your demise
  6. We do not see things as they are.We see them as we are.
  7. nothing really to understand and age i see has nothing to do with it the private message was if you really feel the need to be an *** i can find other ways to accommodate you. so let it go
  8. that was for the other clown with the smart mouth but you just have the personality of a cabbage let it go wow
  9. better 2 settle for being a good person we have enough of the other in the world and that clown knew what I meant
  10. the 1 I ordered was the Epiphone Wildkat Bigsby, Ant Nat also going to customize the pickups this was back on 04/02/21 when I called and they never gave me the info I am getting now but thank you i am just going to wait it out t
  11. wow ya i am just going to wait it out
  12. yes I got that part and no I made my order through Sweetwater but thank you
  13. you can message me if you have a real issue that's the last I am going to say to you
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