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  1. Hello SteveFord, what do yu mean with no nobs? Sorry, I don't know the expression 😞
  2. Thanks Sparquelito, I'll try to get a photo exactly with the angle you mentioned above. But I see the example has a wrap around tailpiece which is not the case for the one in question - I understand you are interested only on the bridge... I'll send it ASAP.
  3. Much appreciated Rabs (& Sparquelito), now I feel REALLY GOOD about buying it ! I had a hunch (also from the wonderful sound it can produce that this could be the Real Thing ! It's wonderful to be able to count on your support for this kind of clarifications! Thank you very much ! Take Care !
  4. Correction : Serial Number = 81169561 What can you tell me about the quality of the guitars manufactured in Nashville those days? This is supposed to be all original. I noticed the 's' in the Gibson logo at the headstock, it seems to have been damaged somehow... Another question : it weights around 4,2 Kg, very similar to my LP Classic from 2004 (and this one has a weight relief, confirmed by the guy who sold it to me). Is it possible that this LP Standard has a similar weight? I tried it with a Marshal JCM800 and it was magical that sound !!!
  5. Hello, I have a picture of the back of the headstock showing the MADE IN USA and the Serial Number jpeg (178KB) but I get an error trying to upload it. Any tricks for that?
  6. Im thiking about buying a second hand Gibson Les Paul Standard with serial number 81189581. Could you plesse inform on any info about this guitar. Much appreciated, Manuel Baptista
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