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  1. Hello Whitefang! I reside in Jolly Old England ☺️ (private sale from a fellow with quite a few decent guitars). Plays well, not crap in sound or feel at all. Good solid tone and nice feel to build etc.
  2. Yes, would seem so. Neck is attached not with the original bolt style but seems to be glued (it's discernible where this work has been done, but very subtle). It seems literally that the 3 numbers have been stamped the wrong way. . .very strange. If they were 8s, as you say, it makes no sense. . .
  3. πŸ˜„ Indeed! Taken from one of many online images available. . . . πŸ€”
  4. Hi all, Picked up an oddity locally last week and would like some help/advice. I bought, I think (for a relatively low price) a bit of an interesting Frankenstein's monster. It's essentially the body of a Sonex 180 Deluxe with what appears to be the neck/headstock of a Les Paul Junior (I was told this is what it is?) or SG(?) with inlay 'blocks' as opposed to the dots that would be on the Sonex fingerboard. The Tuners have been changed to Grovers and the pickups appear to be changed to Seymour Duncan Antiquities. Truss rod cover is a three-screw jobbie, as appears is expected with a Sonex. However the strangest thing about it is that the serial number appears to be kosher (Dec 1980 , Nashville) BUT the two number '3's found in the serial number are the wrong way round (back-to-front). Is anyone aware of, or encountered, anything similar ever? Any info or comments gratefully received! Images attached!
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