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  1. OK, so I've recently gotten interested in recording and recording studios but I'm also very new to all the gear. What in your opinion is the best recording studio rig under $1500? I have a Mac so I'm just thinking about getting some software and mics. What Rig (software, mics, ect.) would you recommend to some you wants to make beats, and record songs? [thumbup]

  2. OK so this weekend I'm buying a Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior and I need to decide what color I'm going to buy. I'm stuck between the Alpine White and The Vintage sunburst. One if the only advantage's for the White would be that it comes with a Ebony fretboard. Which would you prefer?


  3. There must be one you use more! Or not?


    I have 13 right now but only use 1 90% of the time[biggrin] (and still I'm thinking about buying a couple more guitars wtf :-)

    Well before I buy any guitar' date=' I research extensively and find the best one. I might spend 2-3 years looking for 1 guitar. But because I tour, and play gigs every weekend I constantly switch out my guitars. I guess you could say my 1958 Les Paul Junior is my go-to guitar. [angry I wouldn't dare gig my Les Paul Junior.

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