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  1. Can anyone give me the scoop on this guitar's availability? From what I gather it was limited to 1000 units last year. Of course I found out about it too late and it was mostly sold out everywhere (I'm in Canada). Then I'm browsing through Musicians Friend before xmas and I see this guitar listed again, availability listed as Feb. 2014. (I sometimes use MF as a reference guide) Then I see the NAMM vids, the guitar is shown there, as well as in the 2014 Epi. press kit. (http://www2.epiphone.com/press/new2014.html) I thought cool it’s coming back for 2014 at least. Today I’m browsing MF again; the guitar is no longer listed. I contact their cs, they inform me the guitar is discontinued and no longer in their system. Looking at one of the larger Canadian Epi. dealer websites, they list a category for 2014 Epis. and it’s not in there either. What’s the deal is it going to be available this year or not, anyone know?
  2. After checking again I found it, is was hidden, cap & all, inside the hole off the cavity towards the pickups/switch...
  3. I opened the control cavity on my Zakk Wylde Custom (not Epi...) for the first time, and it's not there? First time with actives, am I wrong in assuming this is the only place you can stash a battery on a Les Paul?
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