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  1. Hi, Sorry if this is off topic, but does anyone know if the Memphis plant has reopened (or the Nashville plant) after the raid (s) ? Thanks, RC
  2. Hi, I'd like some suggestions on effects and pre-amps for semi-holow body guitars. I have a 335td, and typically am practicing in an apartment where I need to use headphones. Putting the guitar un-amped through my soundboard is ok most of the time for practice, but for effects, I am really having problems as the effects seem to be designed for amp play, not recording and headphones. Or maybe the effects I'm using were just meant for solid bodies, which seem to sound fine with these effects (see list I'm using below), but not my 335. So, I'd like some suggestions on effects that really bring out the semi-hollow body sound without going through amps, ie for headphones and direct recording. (I'm talking about running the guitar through the effects, not adding them in later - I just have to hear them as I play to make it work for me). I moved from pedal effects to the digitec rp200, but wasn't happy with that, and then Line 6 pod live, though typically I just pull out a pocket pod. The Line 6 seems ok for my solid bodies, but still doesn't work well with the 335 "Doesn't work well" So, now this is a bit subjective, but I would say that the effects I use with the 335 act like when I turn the 335 up to high on a live amp, ie it gets distored and gravelly, and I don't mean the good distortion and gravel that 335's can produce. Maybe someone has some experiments I can try to describe this better, or perhaps you have had experiences similar. Thanks for any advice, RC
  3. Hi again, I have some questions about a guitar I have on 30 day trial. They may seem trival, but I thought to some of you that buy and sell and collect guitars, these might be signs of other problems to check for, or to just not worry about: It is a 335 es 50yr anniversary special (1960)re-issue, vos Love the look, the sound... but.... I had to special order this, there wasn't one in the shop, so I decided to buy it on a 30day trial. Some things seemed odd to me: 1. The pick guard goes down past the bridge, so that on that side, it can't be lowered without cutting away a little of the pick guard or moving the pick guard (which if the pick guard were moved, would that it self create problems, besides being visually slanted off the pickups? ) 2. the screws that hold the pick up covers, or the frame around them actually, seem to be some kind of copper. I thought at first they were rusted, and I just don't see these on other gibsons. 3. I'm moving over from a world of acoustic and (electric)solid bodies, this is my first semi hollow body. Again, love the sound, movin' into de blues, but should it be so hard to play? Suggestions please on strings and action height. I mostly play at home, occasionally with friends and small groups. Hard to play : well, it's true I don't know whether to treat this guitar as a acoustic or electric. It seems to be very sensitive and chords have to be played as lightly as possible to sound right, but Im kind of used to being very physical with blues stretching and want to dig in a bit, which tends to really distort the sound. If I go with heavier strings, too hard to stretch, but I'm concerned that lighter strings won't give me the tones I want. The other question, it seems all new gibson es that I play, the frets themelves are really high and Is this just something one gets used to? I don't notice that on old Gibsons, the frets seems very low. Thanks for any, all advice on selling, techniques, etc... hmm, the photo attachment software isn't working... ok, here is a pic http://dreamgate.com/images/gibson335td-60Reissue400223.gif RC
  4. Hi, I had some questions about playing blues temelo (bend and vibrate strings) - and they particularly relate to gibsons, which I find most often have a quick bevel off on the metal frets. This means the bends can only go so far in the off-fretboard direction. I'm actually using at home a gibson that has less of that bevel problem (an 80's The Paul solid body) but the problem still exists for me. (and on all guitars) What forum would this topic be best posted? ie how to get great tremalo on the high e string? (or today, actually I have it tuned 1/2 down for The Sky is Crying - SVR version, so Eb... which if you know the lead, you know what I mean about high e tremalo). Thanks! RC
  5. rcwilk

    fixing vs ruining

    Hi, I have some usa kramers that all have little things that need repair - some the tremalo system, some the plugs, some the finish. I was wondering what repairs increase the value, and what repairs decrease the value? Thanks, RC
  6. Hi there 335 experts.. Well, I'm finding that every 335 has a different neck width (and depth). Last week I hit three Guitar Center stores in the bay area and tried all the 335's they had in stock, and began thinking this guitar was just not going to work for me as the necks are are so thin, meaning width length of the fret board e to e string. But then I tired the Blue Note in Berkeley and found the width and depth of the neck also varies quite a bit. Quite a bit. I didn't measure the first trials, but now do and find the 4.5 width about perfect. Now the depth is driving me nuts. I tired a dot fat neck and it was great, width wise, but too deep for me (top of fretboad to bottom of the neck) . The search goes on.... (I also tried the Heritage models and those were nice but all too thin of fretboard width.... I did like the Eastman's both in look and sound and playability... but something still bugs me about them I can't put my finger(s) on. ) RC
  7. Well, your advice was right on - the prices seemed quite inflated - it was more like a antique car show, with people showing off 1960's models at ridiculous prices - one thing that came up - on another topic - was that I got to play with a wide variety of gibsons and also gretchs and noticed that the gibson frets didn't hurt my fingers when I would run up the neck, but because they were so slanted at the ends the strings easily would come off - particularly with barred chords. On the other hand, the high gretch frets, while they hurt my hand - they are kind of sharp - I have more control and no slippage. I think I need to try out some new versions of es to see if this holds for generations of gibsons. They had some 345's too - they seem the same except for the stereo control - is that still true? Gratefully, RC
  8. Hi, I'm planning to visit the World Guitar Show this weekend, and they usually have a nice collection of vintage Gibson's. Ive not been very successful finding a new ES in guitar stores, and want to check out some older versions, particularly ES 355, though I'm not fixed on that model. Something where I can play blues, late 60's early 70's rock, and record at home (its too noisy here to mic my acoustic). So, what do I need to look out for regarding used, old ES? Some guitars have problems with pickups after 10-15 years and maybe there are problems particular to ES? Thanks for any help, RC
  9. Hi Dan - I'm in SF but work in Berkeley - the Berkeley (El Cerrito) center is a bit friendlier, but not as much stock. RC
  10. yes, much younger , 54 :/ Played acoustic when I was younger, then dropped it for a few years, picked up electric in the 80's, then dropped it all again in the 90s (too much computer typing work, my hands always hurt after work for years) now back at it, mix acoustic and some electric. I'm interested now in historical blues and thought a hollow or semi hollow might suit this better. Thanks for the excellent advice and empowerment. RC
  11. Hi, I didn't quite know where to put this topic. I'm wondering about getting hands-on experience with gibsons - where to do this and what to do? 1. Do some stores let you play their stock, other not? I've found GuitarCenter very un-friendly in SF. 2. So I play with lighter strings, and it is really hard to get a sense of a guitar that has strings too heavy for me to play well. Once you narrow a guitar or two down, can you ask the store to re-string? 3. Its a little intimidating to play out loud, will most stores let you plug into a line 6 and headphones or something? Thanks for any experience and advice. I'm in the Bay Area, and looking for a hollow or semi hollow body to move from acoustic rock to blues, mostly playing home studio type environment. This post is related to http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=351424post351424 Gratefully, RC
  12. Thanks to all for your replies, Yes, I know eventually I will just have to do the hands-on route, but I wanted to get some feedback on what models to look for, what to avoid, if any. Sounds like there is someone made for every model from the replies! After a bit more looking, I'm wondering: 1. What is the sound difference and playability difference between Hollow and Semi-hollow bodies? 2. Why don't I see whammy bars on ES and other Gibson hollow bodies, but see them on other makes - like Gretschs? 3. I don't really get the scoop on the thin vs thick bodies, I'm assuming thin is mostly for electric but the thicker bodies for acoustic/electric? Thanks, RC
  13. Hi, I have mostly been an acoustic guitar player, though sometimes electric solid bodies. Mostly play late 60's early 70's rock, but have gotten more interested in classic blues and would like an ES for playablity and for recordability another area Im getting into - but which? Used, new, rent first, drive the music stores nuts doing hands on, or direct orders from gibson? Thanks for suggestions, please keep them to under $5k ! RC
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